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What does it mean, Gadhavi?

Gadhavi word when broken down, Gadh means "Fort" and vi or chavi means "Key". Essentially, they were the keeper of the keys in kingdoms of Rajputs. In this current society which was utopian for the previous generations, keys are very important. Now everyone has their own keys. This society with democracy in its midst is moving towards hierarchal,  anarchist society.  Blockchain technology is going to be what determines and maintains order in this fast pacing society. And, the keys involved in these blockchain have to be kept secure by everyone in their own ways

My reason and my stance and opinions will be exaggerated and may not reflect what I actually mean to say. I amplify everything I believe to have an interesting blog. This face is put on to understand anarchist and utopian societies. There's no rights and wrongs just ways of implementation. This is just a way of implementing a learning model to understand a perspective I don't go by easy.